Complete Beginners Guide to Raising Your Own Healthy Livestock

Livestock farming is a rewarding venture when you are a well established livestock farmer. And the nice thing is that anyone can be a successful farmer with the right guidelines and information.When starting in livestock farming you have to know what you want to achieve from your farm. You also need to determine the type of livestock you want to raise which can be determined by the land you have and how much money you willing to invest.Two types of livestock you can begin with are cattle and pigs. Their products are high in demand and can be a reliable source of food for your family.Cattle:Cattle farming is the most progressive in the industry of livestock farming because of its big returns in investment. In order to be successful in cattle farming you have start with a good foundation and learn how to proper care for your cattle.First know what you want to achieve from your cattle farm. Do you want to raise cattle for milk or raise cattle for meat. You also have to prepare some money to invest in your project.What ever your reason maybe for raising cattle you have to make sure your cattle are proper feed. Cattle strive well when grass fed so it’s vital that you have enough supply of grass or have large pasture. Supplement your cattle’s diet with plant proteins and have a vet check on them every once in a while. Also make sure you have enough water for your cattle to drink.Pigs:Raising pigs is much easier than raising cattle, they are intelligent and can be trained. But how ever they need extra care than other types of livestock.When starting out its important that you choose the right breed. You should choose a healthy pig from a well known pig breeder. Make sure you buy more than two pigs so they give each other company. Once you have bought your pigs it’s important to take care of them. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to provide them with some mud and dirt to play around every once in a while.Pigs need to be proper feed with nutritious food. They can be feed with varieties of grain such as barley and wheat. You can also feed them with left over foods which will save you lots of money. Don’t forget to give your pigs plenty of water and clean their house every once in a while.